Concept Testing

When it comes to marketing a product successfully, nobody prepares you for it better than ARS MARKET RESEARCH That's because we use concept testing to help you figure out key consumer expectations.Depending on your product or service, concept test may include: Current awareness and importance of the ?problem? that the product is intended to resolve for consumer (current usage and need state) Concept evaluation (likes and dislikes) Interest and purchase intent (anticipated market success), including benchmarking to other similar product launches Pricing strategy and optimization (including revenue estimates) Importance / value / benefit of features (for future advertising) Name, Logo, Packaging, USP (Unique Sales Proposition) assessment Distribution and shelving analysis, and etc. Our Concept Testing system simplifies the process of testing products and screening ideas at the earliest stage-all at a fraction of the cost of the traditional approach.

What makes ARS concept testing process different? Because of our years of experience and expertise across so many industries, we're able to implement a number of comparative standards related to your industry before we get going. It's an approach that simplifies and streamlines the process significantly.

Our Concept Testing process includes:

The Concept Testing Stage:

  • Screening of participants
  • Needs assessment
  • Concept presentation
  • The Concept Analysis Stage
  • Concept understanding
  • General purchase intent
  • In-depth purchase intent at various price levels

  • Want to know how your customers and prospects will react to a new product or a change to an existing product or service? Assessing the reactions of potential buyers will help you determine acceptance levels before your organization invests money and time in developing or changing a product or service.

    Why choose ARS MARKET Research for your study?

    ARS MARKET Research will interview or survey your customers and prospects to gather information and gauge the reactions to the proposed concept. The results of these interviews and surveys will help your organization understand what changes, if any, need to be made to the proposed product to increase its likelihood of success.